Saturday, October 22, 2011

One Week Old!

Hmm..i am one week old in this blog and finally got one profile picture for myself :). It was a tiring job i tell you. Were it not for the constant reminders from my friends who told me that creating a blog is as easy as ABC, i could have succumbed to my computer-illiteracy. Seriously, computer is one thing that i can never learn. Tell you honestly, i use a laptop whose screen cant be closed and if i closed it,the screen goes blank when i open it next time. The moment i open it, i get a warning stating that i am using a counterfeit windows! I close it without worry. As i browse or open my FB, something pops up and says "Your PC at risk"! I close it too. Few months back, i had dumped this old Toshiba at a neighbours place and had it operated by him. He had agreed to help me tackle this sickly laptop if it gave me another problem! Few days later, it crashed down again!
Well, i remember my professor(Dr.Vittal) who taught us Cplus and BASIC while i was in first year pursuing chemistry but there was nothing i could learn in that University. I still marvel at his speed when he could complete the entire semester course in one month without ever taking us in the computer lab! But that is acceptable since it was in India i was slogging. "Now my work is complete and it is your turn to learn", he had told us before he left to some Korean University as a Visiting Professor. I had to mug up the entire program that would calculate rate constants as temperature and activation energy go on changing(Using Arrhenius equation). That was some three years back. Ever since, i have thought that i was not meant to learn anything in computer.

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