Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello teachers! Doesnt it feel good to be back after the term break?:) I wished if my break wud never end but it was fruitful to be honest. Firstly it was the election duty that i partook as a polling officer, a call to which most of you also have done it. We were a group of six people with three additional security personnels, two men and a lady police-all of them though carried pitifully unloade...d AK-47 assault rifles! The security personnel in most of the banks in Bhutan have retired oldies carrying similar guns. But it frightened hell outta me when i was young.Not now! lol.
When the results were declared, it was heart-warming to hear that the polling station that we were lodged boasted of the only lady Mangmi from four valleys of Bumthang(Tang). That didnt matter much to a poor teacher like me but a cheque of about nu.6000 was all that would draw some priceless smiles on my face the next day! I refilled my car with gold fuels upto to the brim!
The next day i was bound to Gyelsa Tewa..the only opportunity that i get in a year. The Country-Mouse in me wud get so excited that i wudnt drive my car without my black goggles(It is a cheap one infact but it fits my face terribly sweet!) and a good music soothing my heart. It was more of a chore in Thimphu than fun, driving to and fro to Babesa. The BBE Controller welcomed us as usual and broke the news about the imminent autonomy of the BBE. It sounds all good that BBE is finally being aborted from MoE! It eases monetary hurdles, they informed us which sounds good to us.On the last day of the workshop the subject specialist distributed us with a questionnaire that they claim is some research study. It asked us if it was fair for teachers in the Evaluation Camp and Moderation camp to be paid as per thier grade(There are teachers from grade 3 to grade 8). All of us do the same amount of work but we do get different payments due to difference in Basic pay..blah blah. They suggested for a flat uniform payments but not basic pay...In the last of the page there we had to write comments too. I wrote "it is fairly respectable to pay our senior oldies with what they deserve with out much fuss!". I foresaw my future too! Greying hairs and a real spectacles resting on my nose, it send shivers to get old and get paid same as my students who might have become teachers by that time!
The last of my stay in Thimphu i called up one of my old friends and let him take me out in one of the finest bars around the capital city! One wont get this luxury for about half a year again.
Back at school, the results were declared. We had break for Nimalung Tshechu, the seat of the young and handsome Dudjom Yangsey. The chhams were as usual while Rinpoche watched it from his chamber overlooking the crowd. I wish i heard wat the Khandro DheZhi were all upto but it was so envious to see him sorrounded with beautiful girls talking things that were unknown to lesser mortals like me, critically blasphemous head in me!! Not that i disrespect anything less in religion or Rinpoche, but my naked eyes deviod of deeper sights are always mutely critical. Comparatively, it is easy to understand animal behaviour than humans!
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