Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Childhood Memories

I reflect with pride and nostalgia for my childhood memories like any one of us. I had one friend who would always visit my home and take me out for a game of football or criket although i never made any significant contributions in any of the matches. The moment he saw or i saw (any one of us),we would exchange blows till our body ached but that was how we greeted eachother. MOments later we woul...d be in the playground or in the bushes playing games and calling names. Gone are those days when it was so beautiful to call it a day and the universe was my "box of joys" , gone too are those days when duty and work was not my business but my parents' and elders', and now it is different.
Sometimes i get so confused with the petty goals that i have set to myself. Seldom i wish i had turned older than i can imagine, and have a view of my kids as 'grown ups'. I would like to recite prayers and read stories to my grandchildren, go out for a long vacation, and may be drive a Posche or so. Oh! that would be exceedingly long from now.
Dawa is just 11 and opening up is eyes to various realities of life while Cera is still stupid with four years of her existance. Dawa, i thought would make up a fine gentleman couple of decades later though her mom thinks he is too naughty for anything smooth. That is excusable of his age. Cera,i doubt. She has a nasty sense of education! The way she tries her mechanism to bully her mom,it looks like she wud be terribly hard to tame.

 Phew, looks like this is too lousy a piece to elaborate..Well, i would try to write about the Tshechu that i am planning to go and watch today..till then good day teachers!
(the writer wishes to apologise for this piece..it aint worth anything..just tried to scribble..:((.....Blush..blush..!!)
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