Tuesday, October 18, 2011

After the class,we had triple treats today in our School MP hall. Firstly, it was the Guest Readers who spoke passionately about Women Education, being commendably conducted by the UNESCO club and its Co-ordinator.( Cheers mam Sonam C.Gantey!).There were five ladies, two of them were nuns, a VTI instructor, a class 12 passout and a benign farmer. All of them had different versions of their story a...nd without any doubts, cuddled with loads of struggle that they had to undergo as a girl child. I personally thought the nuns were more attractive though i wud be sinned beyond repairs for such malignant adventure in my mind! HOwever, all of them had the same striking message to our students: If a man cud go to the moon, there is no reason that a woman can not go there too! We concluded that program with more maturity in our minds about the rising needs of women education world wide.
The second program to come up was "Dancing Galaxy" , a pet-project of our
Non-Academic Secretary . It is infact chumey's version of Little Champs that comes out in Indian TV channels. I cud see most of them were from class 5 and 6 dancing with extra vigour. Since i teach both the classes i cud know each of them individually and it was a pleasent surprise for me to see them dance so elegantly despite their slow skills in learning thier subjects. At the back of my mind, i cheered up myself at having beaten or boxed their ears so profusely in the classes. Whoa!
The third on line was "Voice of Chumey", cousin to Druk Star,another favorite brain child of the same Secretary. By that time my patience was wearing thin, i already felt punished for the whole week! I guess my face crumpled like an old bedsheet when i forced my feet up and excused myself from the program. I said i must go to the toilet anyways, not to hurt anyone. I took consolation in the fact that i bought each of the coupons that those contestants brought to me(we do have vote boxes where one cud buy coupons for the best candidates and pull them up to the next level,much like the same strategy that commercial shows carry out!).
I am more of, from the old school. For me it is books first and the dances, laters. Although,I know it is debatable. Often at times i regret at not having learnt songs, at not having learnt dances, at not having learnt taking Sout Oaths, at not having learnt cleaning caimpaigns and at not having learnt much of the games or sports but honestly there werent much avenues during my times to showcase those peripheral talents. I insist saying peripheral talents since i still think with utmost clarity, those are secondary while u are in the school. I wud gladly abide by this wisdom even if i were told to teach students the most wholesome education. I dont really go gaga over students being able to dance Shakira or sing Dechen Pem. Even if they beat Ussian Bolt at 100 metres or Micheal Phelps at 100m Stroke. I wud rather bow down at them if they came to me with nothing but colourful marks in their examinations! That is the terrible teacher in me! Pity Pity!
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