Monday, October 17, 2011

I have never been more genuinely agonised by trifle talks of divorces than when it befell on one of my own kindered siblings months ago. I have always considered divorce as a passing fantasy of few disordered people who were perpetually unable to finely sort out disturbances in their marital affairs.
My heart could extend no more sympathy when an elder sister of mine, a mother of four, wa...lked out of her aging husband and called it a divorce! At first, it was all advice from the rest of the concerned family members. Mother was vehement against this despite her own ailing health. Father was more of explosive physical violence towards this unceremonious defilement while, as a younger brother, i could not but try to brew all the reasons to make my sister see why it was so cruel to go for a divorce. I have always looked up to her as a source of elderly wisdom and care. But not now.
One week later, she eloped with a man that none of us knew. Everything came to a dead stop. It sent shivers of hopelessness and anguish at first. When she didnt let us know about her whereabouts even after a week, mother got hospitalised for hypertension. Father consoled himself by indulging luxuriously into drinks. Oh fie! what of me?! I cursed her a lot. Even if she were to perform penance (after her realisation of her misdeeds),for the expiation of her sins on the banks of great Ganges, it wont cleanse a thing! I think i was too imbued with embarrassement for words to explain.
Months passed, nothing about Cheychey(i still fondly call her by that pet name though she is on the wrong side of 30 now). I tried to distance myself from that unfortunate incident so that i could find more solace in my own life than being bugged down by external infernos. Later that year, the eldest of Cheychey's son, my first nephew, failed miserably in class 12. He havent called to me eversince although i heard that he was ferrying a taxi somewhere in the east but that is it. And thereby hangs a tale- a tale of a broken family...

Divorces have become so common these days. At this alarming rate, it would be difficult a decade laters to find a married couple who havent gone thorugh that session. In more developed countries, higher rate of divorce could mean individual becoming more realistic about their own self-esteem. It is indicative of peolpe realising their pattern of likes and dislikes and being headstrong in thier own decisions. It is a sign of progressive development in our thinking!?

(i have tried to hit on issues that have recently abounded my own circle of existance though i do not mean prefer personalised incidents to be narrated with so much ease. Hope you will excuse me for my insanity..Lol..)
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