Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I dont really remember about my first stunt with Doma but i guess i was barely 13. Nay much younger! I dont blame anyone more than myself for having taken up this habit at an age when kids around other parts of world wud have been slurping on their vanilla icecream. I take egoistic pride indeed for having started early. Awww..
At the back of my mind i believe that my aggravating stomach disorder ...cud have been well due to it. But chew i must! i can forego my breakfast without fuss but not my regular Doma khamto.
I am soundly aware of the health hazards that i am luxuriously indulging by doing this. I am aware too about the pungent breaths that must be emanating while i talk with non-chewers. My girlfriend once complained about it but i guess she forgot heck lot of my doma habits while i sealed her lips with mine without any resistance.That was some 10 yrs back when i had that handsome look(??) and muscular biceps with stomach packs better than an oxen! But i envy my sturdy pair of gums and whole set of my loving teeth for doing all the hardwork of grinding Doma so ceaselessly!
A good thing about my doma habits is i dont take out anything..i mean i dont spit out those bloody red juices. Those juices do more good in my body warming me up better than 10-km jog that aristocratic town folks afford to take to shed their layers of adipose tissues around their shaggy hips! Honestly, i must have smeared my lime in lots of places but of late i have become more conscious of it, thanks due to the media people who brought this careless attitude of the Bhutanese doma-chewers so vehemently in the newspapers. But who cares! I pay my taxes on time. I pray as often. I teach my students. I make donations sometimes. ha ha.
On a serious thought, i have wondered about some sublime research into
Doma-Paani but i dont think that wud help much of my younger generations, assuming i went on to report whole lot of things about risks involved in Doma chewing. DPT might move a step up the ladder by barring people to chew it any longer much like the Tobacco acts of the kingdom! This is a time for clean acts, green acts,, GNH acts...so long the laws are set cleaner than himalayan air, Bhutan wont go forward. How saintly!!?
The other day i had to bribe Choki sir with a doma khamto to have me substitute my eighth period since i had some emergency. He obliged more gracefully than buddha Sakyamuni.
I wud be profusely thankful to Guru Rinpoche who supposedly introduced doma habits in our country. Back then this coutry of no-religion chewed on human flesh i guess and who wont fear our Monpa ancestors! The Precious Master substituted that habit by Doma-paani and tricked the old Monpas by saying chewing
doma-paani is equivalent to flesh-chewing since both produced bloody red juices! How naive were YOUR ancestors,,, see??LOL.

(I wish to come back again with the same topic next time too..till then good day dear frends )
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