Tuesday, October 18, 2011

On Busy Day in School

The Annual School Rimdro, presided by the noted Tang Rinpoche concluded yesterday much to our own relief. It was especially satisfying for me as i was nursing personal bereavement too. I called my Pa and informed him that i was hoisting prayer flags around the school campus. He said i was doing great job.
Later in the evening it was annouced by the Principal that the following day wud be no-scool ...day since most of the teachers and students were busy with the chores for the rimdro.
I woke up early today and warmed up tea for myself and Dawa. I know Dawa can do away with breakfast but not with his regular tea. HIs mother had gone outta station leaving him under my direct supervision. At the back of his mind he must be awaiting her arrival although it is barely two days since she left for some business trip. Well i think these things repeat in a cyclic fashion. When i was younger, seldom mother wud go to her village for her annual Chhoku or for some urgent work which we cudnt comprehend. To be honest it was more of agony than any fun to be with father while mother was away! My father wud be cent per cent humiliated if he read this article...he he. Truly it was fun to be with mother. One cud nag, sometimes even deny anything to the mother at a point-blank range but not to the father! Father though loving as he is, it is fearsome to nag or to ask favours from him. For him i guess, kids are meant to be be taught with discipline. His commands wud be kids service. No "Ifs" and "Buts". I learnt that hard way from my father. There were times when i failed to obey his orders with childish forgetfulness, he wud box my unusually long ears one full 360 degrees! Often i wud writhe with nauseating pain and wondering my bulky ears wud shed bloody trickle of red juices after those sessions. Not with mother! It is a free world with mother. Literally so! If one made mistakes, one cud afford to cheque in for rush of adrenaline for a flight of sonic speed.Only my physics teacher wud catch me for that but not my mother! There were times when she wud shout at me while i wud scream at her with a doubled decibel. I wud only give up whenever she relied with her final answer " Doessh chhoe, Apa lu labgey maray!" But i knew darling mother wont tell a thing abt all those mess to my strict father. Gone were those days..
After breakfast i saw Dawa doing some trifle chores likes sweeping the floor and even tried his hands at dishwashing. I let out a tiny smile within..."Good boy, now go and try arranging ur clothes in ur closet", i suggested him. He obliged it with a saintly obedience

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