Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Bye Gadhafi!

The leaders around and especially our Big Brother Obama sighed out relief yesterday as Gaddafi  met his brutal end. They fittingly called it an end to the "era of despotism" and "tyranny" and i remained glued in front of my TV listening to all the updates. Choden wanted to know who was Gaddafi."It is a very long story", i answered her to evade more queries from her.The only difference that both of us cant resolve is our TV hours. I wud go for news and sports while she would incessantly want Hindi soap operas. Neither of us can tolerate the differences in here. So i log into my laptop as she watches her Serials,while she does household chores while i watch my favorite club play against Manchester United(It is Liverpool!). If it is about daughter and Son about the Chota Bheem show,both of us indulge into diplomatic talks as how to save more bucks next month or what all to do during winter breaks!
Well, the brutality of Gaddafi's death is forgiveable. In all our history lessons, dictators have met with similar ends. Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mugabe, Arafat, and even our cousin Binladen(sorry for that fond closeness!lol) had similar stories to tell. Now what is more challenging post Gaddifi's death is Rebuilding Libya. The tragedy in Afganistan or Iraq is still at home than to reinvest world's interests in Libya. May be the Civil Revolution as the Arabs vehemently call it, havent yet ended. Infact,it has opened doors to more of its kind. And again, we have neighbourly Pakistan! The surprise visit by Hillary recently,gave her with more goosebumps than she could have thought. She had the same ultimatum to Pakistan: Deny havens to terrorists or face the consequences. Pakistani thought she is crazy to to rely on her whimsical thoery! is almost time to School..good day!

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