Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diary 2010

hello folks..tonight i just went through my old diary and found this one out...

19/02/2010....."Today we were involved in a workshop as usual, a tiring one indeed. I cudnt contain my old stomach disorder that i had since my college days. I let go my discomfort with a silent, a decent one truly i thought, and i raised slightly as if to pull my my socks and gave out a fart! Nobody heard... it. Bravo! Out of curiosity, i wispered to the nearest colleague, "Say Nima, do you smell some curry?" He raised his head,pushed his cheek slightly upward and breathed in. "Gosh, aint it a smell of faint ripe papaya?", he wispered. "Aye,Aye," i responded gleaming with pride and with a sigh of relief let another one out!...."

20/02/2010....there was a meeting. Principal sir was talking about the GNH and all the senses he got outta workshop that he attended during that winter vacation probably in Paro?..This was the entry on that day in my diary..

" Being happy is a tough thing. I wish if i can be ever optimally happy and still survive. One can be aestically happy by deriving satisfaction with wat one has, with wat others around us have and with a mindful and a generous philosophy that all happiness stems outta a want for harmonious co-existance.
However at the basic levels of all existance, we must all acquire survival tools and that includes a majestic variety. At the least we generally need 3-square meals, we might need a car these days, well we need a shelter to protect ourselves. we do need monthly income to meet our ends. In such a process as this we might have to compete, we might also need to grab somebody's share if one is fairly intelligent! one might need to distort truth, one might need to call a spade a shovel so as to please people around us..what is GNH?? I would terribly like to be happy but the road to that elusive happiness is all burdened with unfair means. Does it make my thinking anti-GNH??"...

That was the last of the entry. Infact i do rember that i read this piece to the floor later when Principal asked if we had any doubts on his teachings...lol. Good night colleagues!

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