Thursday, October 13, 2011

The other day,I wrote,"..May the supreme clarity of consciousness always light your way to GNH", on our Lyoenchen's wall on facebook. Choden saw it and uttered,"Whoa, Lyoenchen is on your friend list too?". "He had sent me the Request", i replied to her dryly, hiding lies. Infact i was the first few thousands to have requested our PM to be added on his Facebook! Getting more courageous, i tried t...o link myself with Ashi Jetsun. Commoners like you and i cant befriend her as i found later, but i pressed on the "like" button twice to ensure that it didnt go in vain!
Yesterday i was glued in front of my IdiotBox watching the finals of the prestigious Yangphel Archery Tournament. Two years before, i tried my hands on archery but i never could learn it. A lethal game it is! If you accidently release the arrow by a faulty tactic, it might hit the real jackpot and this might buy priceless gift and get lodged into the prison in your district! Overcome by this fatality, i used all my higher education to consciously sell that second hand compound bow. Only Robinhood or a sniper in a German bunker would want it, i thought. A week later, i bid adieu to that bow and after wholesome transactions to a teacher-friend pocketed a net gain of Nu.5000 from that sale. Roughly, three months later, that faint maroon coloured Ultratec bow changed its ownership. The teacher-friend pocketed another neat nu.5000 as his profit! By that time,I regretted my own maths but it did wash away the guilt from my mind since others colleagues had made laborious accusation when i first sold it at an exorbitant price and that too, to a close teacher colleague. NOw look at this! He he he.
Later in the evening we had our own finals in our School. The Dancing Galaxy(the one that i mentioned in my earlier article) finals for our small kids were held with all pomp and glitterati. Oh these kids, they wud defy all the fundamental laws of biology by shaking all their 306 bones! Do you yearn for extra bones? Try contemporary Jazz or Salsa, it might break a bone or two. Two hours later, the prizes were distributed. I wished it didnt end so fast. But Sir Chhimi, co-orndinator cum host cum designer cum chreographer did a commendable job. Deep inside, i appreciated his hardwork and his idea. I slipped few more changes into the donation box and patted him for his excellent job.
Things are moving faster than you can imagine in my school. The practice sessions for the up coming Royal visit has greared up at a comical pace. I have been going around the school campus and mutely watching different activities brewing up. The Art club students are busy giving the final touches to the potrait of K5 and Ashi Jetsun. The Literary club is busy compiling all the poems and songs that the students have painstakingly written. The UNESCO club along with Library club and the Literary club have charted out activities for the coming week to observe the Reading Week. The Girls' basketball team is headed to Chamkhar town to participate in the Open tournament being organised by Aman Kora. I am headed into jungles once again to chop woods to feed my old Bukhari since the mercury started dropping pre-maturely in Chumey.
I tell you chopping woods aint interesting,folks! The last time i did, i might have looked like a caricature after about half an hour. I have seen one of my neighbours(a teacher friend) chopping firewood so sincerely. He looked like a mummy right out of maternity ward after a pre-mature birth. Too tiresome it is! And boring too. I wud rather prefer whitewashing the fence than going into woods...
That is all folks..hope u have good sunday.

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