Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Page from My Diary

Hmm..it is the 12th of March. I walked to my school rather puposely holding my underage daughter to her usual class. It is pretty tricky and agonising to feel the chilling cold in Chumey even on a spring morning. Disputable seasons we have in chumey but i tried to be bold and took out my other hand tucked lifeless in my "hemchu" and played paino in the air to excite my bony fingers.
The other day ...we have had a conference in our staff room with the Principal sir. He had informed us about the incumbent Teachers' Needs Assement from the Royal Council of Education. He had briefed us about various sets of papers that we might have to write exams on and wished us all goodluck as if we were to bring down minerals from moon! I cudnt but help myself with a tiny laugh, "exams again?" i said to none in particular.
i sat for one paper in the morning without understanding a thing to write. HOwever it was striking and commendable of REC to have come up with such questionnaire. There were questions on maths that i feared most, series to be broken down although not like Reimann's hypothesis(it hardly sweated one!), questions on politics, Nobel prizes, blah blah blah.. If anyone had asked me how it went when i came outta my exam room i wud have just blurted out," Nothing much,mate.." like a kid who comes outta a game of hitless archery match!.....
...Awooo folks,,wat to write??:))) just felt bored...hope u guys wont mind me..haha
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