Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It was an absolute WOW yesterday in my school! As i mentioned in my earlier article, the Archery match amongst the "Who-is-Who" of BUmthang, it was a treat for the organisers to witness such a freindly game with greater pomp than any events in the school. The School made a whooping amount of Nu.1,55,885 in cash from the various sponsers who either participated in the match or were present as a gue...st!! It was so heartwarming to see players donating money to the school with lavishness that would put the whole treasure of Gyelpoi's Zimpon in Bumthang to shame. A mere 22 archery players donating more than one and half lakhs isnt simple silly mathematics!!
Well, these money that the school organisers recieved would directly be used to purchase a statue of Jampelyang(as i narrated earlier) and other important school development activities.

One would lovingly want to elaborate more on this but for the timebeing one is caughtup with the preparations of questions for midterm examinations.
Good night freinds.
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