Monday, October 17, 2011

He said to the shoemaker:"You are a big blockhead; you have done the reverse of what i desired you. I told you to make one of the shoes larger than the other, and, instead of that, you have made one of them smaller than the other."

The header that i have quoted has small or no relation to the article i thought would scribble, with your due permission. Few days back, a good friend of mine vowed to... quit drinking. I said he was doing a sensible job since the costs of alcohols have increased like our vehicular fuels. The following day i caught him with a glass of beer in Lhendup's bar. "I quit hard drinks, you know!", he blurted out with much pride like a soldier who went into Operation Flush Out! I took regret in my own alternative when i quit smoking long time back. It was the notorious "Baba" that substituted my habit. A pious monk graduate whom i knew thought he would get into teaching and earn himself sufficient money so that he would be able to leave it to his poor parents before he embarked on his life long pilgrimage and meditation. Few years into teaching, he picked up drinking and with nothing much to do, he played cards too. He realised that he was making a fool of Buddha and his life. "I am spoiling my life just drinking and gambling. Marriage would bring me back to my normal self," he thought. He is now a father of three, left his red robes and still teaching in Tsirang!
It is hard not to pick up drinking in a culture like ours. I still remember my first incident when i had an overdose of rockbee as a sophomore in my college days. That night, the Bacchus(God of wine?) in me poured all the platonic emotions that i harboured to a female classmate, only to be rejected at a point-blank range. The following day my friends joked it was so pathetic of me to have been rejected by a girl to whom i loved. I said i didnt remember anything! Drunkards do not remember things the next day or atleast they pretend they didnt remember anything. That is excusable..
Back in my School, things have become more hectic than you can imagine. A record of 19 teams started playing football in the pretigious Open Football Tournament that our school organises as usual, with much jamboree. Much to my own dismay, i didnt get any invitation from a single team. I gathered a boys of 14 boys and formed a team of Ballboys! We do a fine job delivering everyball that some erratic footballers hurl down into bushes.
Two days after this article, one would be busy at Kurjee for the recitation of
Baza-Dungdrup being held and graced by many eminent Rinpoches notably by Lam Namkhai Nyingpo. Another one, i got myself registered, due in december for
Mani-Drupchen few kilometers outskirts of kathmandu. For the sponsership, i have left it wide open to my sister. I hinted her that it could be her best way to harness good deeds while i chant my Baza guru!
After the manidungdrup in kurjee, it is time for Dzongkhag level sports meet. One would be busy looking after Chess players, though it is so sickening to watch poeple playing chess at a snail's pace. I have always thought chess as a boring game where you wont have to use a single strand of your muscles..

That is all folks, i hope to come out after a long break or so.
Cheers teachers!
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