Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We are done with Domkhar Tshechu around my school few days back. Although there were more feasts and extravaganza than the actual enthusiasm for mask dances, it widely relieved me from my regular routine of classroom activities. Being manly,i had even tried my luck at a game of cards that are so rampant during bhutanese Tshechus though i never won in any gamble i dared into. But i appreciated my g...uts that i threw away few thousands in that cool game of cards. I had to lie to my wife about that to keep troubles at a bay! I still remember how traumatic it was after a dual we had, when i almost lost half my monthly salary in a Mela. That was a friendly match between me and my wife.He he. Women are so sensitive to trifle losses that men consider as a passing fantasy. Not that it is fun to lose.
Well if u are around Bumthang as a teacher, you would get vacations once a month on an average. Around Chumey, we start with Bula Tsechu. Not long after that, we have Domkhar Tsechu. Come June, we would be blessed with Nyimalung Tshechu. Laters into the year, it is Trakar Tsechu, Thromed Chotpa, Jambay Lhakang Tsechu, Tamzhing Tsechu and ofcourse the Jakar Tshechu. We have a village near by but we are done with that Tsechu too. There are times when i think it was my good fortune to have had my first placement in Bumthang. I havent given any thoughts of my next transfer except during those exceedingly cold winters! I guard those times with a warmly lit Bhukhari and a round of home-brewed ara with neighbours.
Well, i nearly forgot about the Annual Sports's Day in my School. It got postponed due to reasons best known for my elderly Principal. That is good since it would help those students trying for medals to practise more in the field. This sunday my school is hosting an important archery tournament that would be played amongst "who-is-who" of Bumthang Dhe Zhi. It was a subtle concept desinged by an enthusiast archery-player, also a teacher in the same school. The funds generated from it would directly go into purchasing Jampelyang's statue that our school havent had since its establishment. With that long-awaited statue, surely Chumey wud bloom more than any perenial flowers but well, kudos to lopen Tshering who designed this idea. A fine capable colleague he is!
Hey it is almost, 7.35 am! Gotta go...good day friends!
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