Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have seen rainbows but never like this! It was about morning interval in my school that i saw a magnificient circular rainbow around the sun with luminous clarity! I quickly remembered my colleagues and dialled them to inform about it. "Yes Saar..i am in the class". "Oh i am sorry mam' Reshmi," i blurted out. "There is a rainbow in the sky madam!". Her typical South Indian respond thawed all my... excitations at once. "Saar rianbows are formed due to scattering of lights nah!". I hung up the cell thanking for her science. I tried again, this time more cautiously to an elderly citizen and a good Dzongkha teacher, Lopen Sonam. Later, he told me that circular rainbows are good signs to which i cudnt but agree with all my heart. The next day too just as i was taking my students to the School Agriculture garden(Gardening and Farming...class v Science), we saw the same type of rainbow..more clearer than the last day. A circular rainbow around the sun at about the same time. I called my superstitious mom at Gelephu and asked if she one. She said it was more of cloud than sun in her location. I asked my sister at Paro. She said she was busy inside and didnt bother to see above.
The Science teacher in me comply with wat mam' Reshmi told me but the buddhist nature(??) in me says it is more than just meet the eyes. Sometimes i wonder if we had reasons for everything, we wont have anything like religion. Because it is only during the times when medicines cant work we think abt religion, only during the times when we cant explain black holes we think of some superior forces playing at it, only at times when all reasons are exhausted for a plausible explanation, we leave that matter for God! One would need absolute clarity to differentiate between hypothetical conditions and physical phenomena, while i wud still lean to good conscience more than physical laws to look for answers. But yes, signs do occur and i am a firm believer in signs. Not that rainbows were formed during my birth or meto-ghi-Charp!! Ha ha.
The first time i qualified for college, i saw ample signs around me. While being bed ridden with a fever in my Junior High School days i saw signs too. It was typhiod anyways!!lol. More recently, just as i was untying my Gho in my home i accidently hit the potted plant that my wife kept in the living room to protect it from cold and frost of Chumey, it fell on the floor. I quickly picked it up lest she complained about my regular clumsiness but behold! The plant lay in exactly two pieces. Half the main branch was still intact while the upper portion where the bud had just tried to pop out had been detached right from its main stem! There i had just the pot and the broken stem of a length of my thumb. I silently took that pot outside so that my wife wudnt know about it.
The next morning i got a call from my father saying that my beloved Angayla who had been nurturing bone cancer had passed away in JDWNR hospital.
Signs do occur and like dreams, it foretell things that only science consider it a chance of probability!
(Awww...my network sucks! sorry ppl i cudnt edit it properly since i cud see only one line at a time...happy weekend!)

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