Thursday, October 13, 2011

 "Everthing is cow-boyish in me except my looks", i crooned at my wife. "Oh, fie on you!",she retorted. By that time, i had galloped out of my home for a game of volleyball with my like-minded friends. Lately, she had been complaining about my late return to home for the dinner. Firstly,it is a game of intense volleyball that we indugle, shouting or blaming at each other for the unclaimed balls in the court. Today after much bribing, i cajoled one of my team-mate to "lift" the ball so that i wud spike it. He did justice to it by lifting the ball so delicately, only i cudnt! The best "smatch" i guess i gave was one of those when my nervous fingers sent the ball with a feline scratch and made quite a sound. It sounded like an old tarpolin had been torned but it did fall on a vacant space on our opponent' court! I patted my "lifter" and said he did a fine job. We lost the game as usual,after much herioc struggle.
Games is one department that i could never learn. From the farthest treasure of my memory, the official record of my participation was as a spare keeper in the football team in my primary school. That was rather unceremonious since the first keeper, a Nepali friend was endowed with magnetic tactics. I used to pray hard for divine intervention and let that man get injured so that i cud substitute him but it never miserably happened. However, i am a true lover of games i tell you.
At Lhendup's bar, we treated ourselves and our worthy opponents with juices while i and Sir Sangay(name changed) opted for a bottle of beer. For those of you who never took beers after a tiresome and sweaty game of voleyball, i suggest it as the best refreshment and a good antidote to overcome physical exhaustion.
Oh heck, it is deep into midnights!
(Hope u guys wont mind for this untimely article. I wish to come out once in a week, but not at this hour..good night!:))

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