Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yesterday i had a healthy round of debate with a Lopen colleague in my School. No wonder, it was about religion! I have had past experiences that taught me to safeguard against delving into sensitive talks like politics or religion, but i wont let go this one.
There were few of us sitted in the School canopy since we were free that time.
"A day will come when you will have to cringe to the reli...gion!"(Nyim chi ghi tsey, Dampai chhoe ghi Tsaarchhoed beywong Chooe!!), he decalred infamously. That was a formidable threat to the unshakeable ground on which i firmly believe i stand on. "No chance at all", i dismissed nonchalantly. Despite, it is irrevalent that i would be tried in a court that i dont believe in."I dont have religion. HOw come they would screw my existance?!". He said that i would only realise it when a misery falls on me or my family. Touchwood! "Oh, dont you worry about that! I have insured my health just recently", i told them as a matter of factly. I told them that i would possibly take a loan from RICB and fly off to the most exotic hospital in India and get the most auspicious treatment than call on a pathetic ritual! A session of small Buddhist ritual creates more noise pollution than the combined roars of all Indian international airports! He uttered a mantra-like saying and explained that it was Buddha's own words(Did Buddha really speak dzongkha?).Fie on you, dont you go that far! He translated,"I have shown you the path to enlightenment. It is your duty to choose or not to choose". I bleakly hinted that i am an enlightened soul in my own ways. I know what is empirically good and what is gortesquely bad. I know it is really nice feeling helping others and making harmonious
co-existance but that doesnt mean that i am not a good buddhist. He had 101 reasons to refute each of my point. Despite, the bystanders seemed to add more points from his view. "I stand on ground as firm as an Egyptian pyramid!", i announced just as when i thought i couldnt win this battle alone. I left them. They jeered at my exit."Time will come, sirji!", i heard them say."Whatever it is", i heard my voice defending my position.
Later as i reached home, i felt as guilty as Germans after their world wars. "that was just for the sake of debate, not that i am not religious", i admitted to myself!
Sera was watching TV as usual. She wanted to know if i found the kitten that we lost the day before. She had become inconsolably sad after that incident. I have seen that flea-infested feline lioter around the school ground. Lazy cat! I bought it home with the thought that it might catch some rats. I had lost all my confidence in her when i couldnt see a single corpse of rats even a week later. "No Bumo. I havent seen our darling cat as yet. Aieee.. she must be suffering", i consoled my daughter! I hinted that cats are usually good at finding their way back and she would soon have her re-union. I have always had phobia with cats. If anything cats can boast of, it is the flea! Despite, its fur as you know, incessantly falls off as if out of some cancerous ailment inside the host. The claws, increases the risk factor doubly especially when they deal with small kids. Thier sleep habits....Grrr! They have to sleep in close attachment with the human body transferring all their bodily parasites on humans. At times, they are so courageous that they leave their excreta on beds! Their eyes, deep blue and luminiscent would radiate light even in the eerie darkness and that would send shivers down ur vertebra. The closet comparative contemporary i can adhere with them is thier closest relative "Zaaan drrrey!!"....:))

Happy Dassain, friends!

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