Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We had a meeting again after the 8th period today. There were few pressing topics that were discussed broadly. First, it was the review of the donations that flushed our school during last sunday's archery match from various "Jindahs". As a matter of fact, i can still recall the priceless face that our pricipal sir wore on that day when donations flowed freely from various players. My school is bl...essed with one good head, honestly so. Diplomatic as he is, he also scores better than most on social ethics. I would bet on him:give him few more years to hang around ChumeyMSS,he would herald double the development than all the budgets of our governments' Five-year plans can bring in the country! And he has got that gutsy gusto to devise and plan, most impressively also to innovate developmental strategies despite scarcity of funds in a small school such as this. Well, as planned earlier, all of us thought it would suffice for a graceful Jampelyang's statue in front of our assembly ground and also for a respectable "Sertog" atop our not-so-old Mani Dungkhor( A legacy left by the former Principal but lacked a sertog despite all credentials).
The second agenda was about the celebrations of No Tobacco Day on 31st May being generously funded by the erstwhile BNCA(Bhutan Narcotic Control Agency). We elaborately decided to involve mass participations from our students since a budget of Nu.27000 is an enviable budget for a small school like ours. There would be mass uprooting of Marijuana plants around chumey vicinity. We kept aside another program of poster competition to groom our budding artists who might find more solace in drawing caricatures than rendering manual services! We also thought a debate competition would befit the day. The students would debate on the recent ban of tobacco in our country. Good that the For-the-Motion participants might come up with bountiful advantages of the ban. How pity for the Against-the-Motion participants to speak(Any advantages of Free Tobacco??!). I reluctantly volunteered to a few enthusiasts to guide them with points but Ssshh..dont you tell Apa Kinley(Head of BNCA)!! He would never approve of a budget from his office drawers for a group of students who would vehemently oppose ban for tobacco!
Third in menu was our Annual Sports Day which has been long due. Come this saturday, Chumey MSS would be distributing about 200 medals to its various sportsmen, and also cash prizes to all the winners. I would be alarmingly busy that day cheering up my House members. Afterall, it is all about competitions amongst Houses too!
The fourth was , well finally about the mid-term examinations. We decided to honour our students with extra medals before their actual exams this year! Ha ha. Honestly students are burdened with more activities unlike past years. In the past we use to observe a month long absenteeism from any co-curricular activities prior to midterm examinations but not this year thanks due to Local Government Elections. But we do yearn for well-rounded education system that craters to different levels of needs in an individual students. How ironic.However, of late i have been trying hard to come in term with wholesome education. May be it is time for all of us and especially for me to think education isnt just books and knowledge but that is another topic that i would like to beat around the bush. Not now...i might bore u more than u can imagine with all my vanity!!..:))
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