Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early call

It snowed yesterday not in Chumey but one could see fluffy snow on the mountain tops not far from here. Feeling too cold and old, i suggested Choden to brew Suja instead, only to discover that we have run out of butter! I thought that wasnt a nice way to welcome snowfalls. Last year when the snow first furiously fell, there were ample stocks behind my store: Maa, Datsi, shakam, Sikam, Changkey, and a pair of rusty dumb bell to warm my muscles against hypothermia! Not this time, and what is more, things are more expensive each month. Now, i have taken a personal pledge not to exceed my monthly expenditure to half of what i could afford last year without much fuss. Aye, things are expensive. Choden has recently come up with a solution for my tea yearnings. She wanted me to substitute Suja to Nga Ja which i didnt like. "It is much cheaper", she told me! Grrr..i was truly shattered. There she is, trying to minimise and cut off my regular supply of NgaJa which is my first passion since childhood and now she tells me that. I consider it as a threat to my self-esteem! "Oh, holycow", i retorted her,"we could drink all the tea in the world and still survive without any trouble. Dont you worry about trifle things!".

She narrated incidents in the town where people have cautiously substituted their Ngaja with suja and some of them even go for black-tea! Well, i would rather cleanse foul smelly feet with black tea than drink it..that is too boastful, huh? I tell you, dear boys, one of the easiest methods to overcome your smelly feet is to dip into a bowl of back tea(Use Tsheringmo tea) and chant Medicinal Buddha mantra! Gone are those days when i used to feel so embarrassed about my smelly feet but not now!:). I would be the first one to proudly untie my lace and hop into a Lhakhang for a round of prostrations. Earlier, i would wait all my friends to finish off their turns and try at the last to aviod their accusing eyes! I promise you, this time my feet would even beat "all the perfumes of Arabia"...! Ha Ha...good day teachers!

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