Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hello, this is nosey old me again! The Royal visit that i talked in my last post did take place with much gusto. With much regret, i and most of the teachers were not able to attend the function since it was school hours and we were busy barking in the classes. Being so close to the venue i cud not but lie to my sister(in Paro) about all these happenings. "Hey sister, you should have been here in ...this gathering atleast!", i boasted to her. She cursed all her ill-luck, fate, destiny, bad deeds, her shop, her time, her hubby, kids and so on. She never runs out of reason for anything! "What all did His Majesty tell you all?", she asked me with heightened curiosity. Hmm..i retaliated her then. "He talked about Ashi, about youth, about GNH, about developments etc etc", i bluffed!
Today, say i hardly had 3 hrs sleep thanks due to "Tour Of The Dragon", a far cousin of "Tour de France". Earlier i had registered myself to volunteer during this cycling race. I and a teacher friend with 4 students were posted at Zone III, 7km shy of cold Yotungla! They kick-started at 2 am from chamkhar town and by the time the first cyclist reached our Zone, it was 3.15 am. I was supposed to count the number of cyclists but who could! It was bitterly dark and cold. My boys were mostly cheering them up as they passed by and handed mineral water to those needy ones. Some of them i thought were wee bit cocky. They asked for bananas! "Sir, banana goney lo", my students informed me as if i havent heard."No bananas, only water", i consoled them. The only person i cud recognise was Dasho Jigyel since he was accompanied by a pilot and few other vehicles lighting his way from behind but that time i must have looked more like an ice-fossil out of awe and fear! "Kadrinche Labey", we heard Dasho utter. I never got any hint of our Opposition Leader going past my Zone but this fact i knew only this afternoon. By 4.30 am we flagged off the last cyclist! I inquired the traffic cop in the motorcycle about the number of participants and he said 46. "How much of them went?", he wanted to know. I quickly responded like a school kid,"47 sir". Infact, it was 57 according to my record.When we reached back home, it was almost dawn. I hit my bed back and requested my daughter and wife not to make much noise. "Apa, gachi bey?", my daughter who missed all my nocturnal duty asked me. "I am sick!" and buried my head into the thick blanket.
I bunked after my third period today since it is Viswa Karma Puja. I hadnt got time to wash my old Alto but decorate, i did. Before stepping into the driver's seat i made a simple prayer that my car be ever faithful to me. Who knows i might bag the "Best Driver" award anytime! Haha. With Sera(my daughter) in the front seat, i crushed in 4 class six students at the back and off we went. I say "prasad(tshog) hunting" while Sera wud always say "Ngee ghi Apa ghi Gari ghi birthday!". And here i am writing one more time as if on my diary with half my concentration listening to chaotic Congressman bullshiting Modi's Fast, an eye peeping outside for any sign of outdoor activity, half my mind drowsy, and half my stomach grumpy. Come next week, teachers in Bumthang wud be busy attending workshop on GNH as scheduled by the MoE. GUess, i wud be more happier by that time and treat you guys with more peaceful articles...!

Good weekend folks!

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