Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Remembering Angayla

Hmmm..my Angay who lived for 82 years passed away yesterday night. I fondly rember the rare moments i had with her whenever i visited her while she put up with my Aunt in Thimphu. I called up my father who was nurturing her in Thimphu hospital during her last breath. He cudnt say much as he was overwhelmed by the grief and i on my part as a doting granson cudnt utter much either. There was more s...ilence than a retreat centre wud have, i hung up my the phone and wiped my tears away.
Angayla, as i used to fondly call her, outlived most of peers from Bomdelling,Trashiyangtse. Some 25 yrs ago when i first visited them in the village, i had seen her as a sturdy hardworking woman who always woke up early and had hot butterly suja and breakfast ready when we woke up. She always cooked special dishes during our stay then. I vividly rember when one fine evening she called me to a window(our house overlooked the river which flew past Bomdelling) and asked me to watch the ThrungThrungs. I cudnt much understand her Yangtsepa but i cud guess that she informed me those backnecked cranes wud dance. Much to my excitement i did see dozens of cranes making peculiar pattern and moving in a synchronised way...surely it was a dance! I still do rember those cherished moments. I never had opportunity to re-visist my paternal village despite my yearnings.
After my graduation i showed up myself again since both Agay and Angay were staying in Thimphu with Aunt. They didnt recognise me by then. Aunt did all the introduction that time since i cudnt still learn Yangtsepa after all these years. After that there were more frequent associations because whenever i went to thimphu i made it a point to visit her and spend some time with her. She wud always offer me beer even though i didnt drink that time but it was a tradition i guess she still carried close in her hearts. I regret a lot that i cudnt understand all that she said during our meetings but truly,she never lacked those wide smiles that let all my fears melt in her warmth. I wud always tuck few new 100 notes into her hemchu when i parted with her while she wud say.."Noower key shog ney.."(do come next time too??)
The last of my meetings with her was last winter before i came to my school after the vacation. Some uncanny feelings that one often get, i took my wife along and introduced to her.She said my wife looked beautiful and healthy to which i nodded boastfully! By that time the doctors have diagonised her ailment as bone cancer(she was referred to Calcatta few years ago ) but how pity that she still looked stronger with her health though her sight and hearing failed a bit. She cud cook even that time and go for her usual "Kora" at Memorial Chorten.
When i parted that time i cudnt say much .."Leshom bay dooed Angayla..dato dhi dho ri ri ra dhu..Ma shi maray nga ma cheey tshuntshun.."

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