Monday, October 17, 2011

Three years of marriage and a lame sex?!", he condemned me in one of the social gatherings. He was wee bit drunk too. Those who heard it burst into peels of laughter. I frantically moved my index finger to my lips to indicate my friend to be silent least he make crucial revelation of my personal life. "You need to plan 20 years ahead before you go for a child", i curtly hit him back.( I just rem...embered about the Afgan tales where competitors were advised my their trainers to abstain from sex prior to their Strong-Men competition). Father of three kids at 30, i wouldnt make a better role model to my bachelor friend! However, i am blessed with a doting wife who always keeps the kitchen fire aglow. She wakes up early without fuss. By 7 in the morning, breakfast with steaming is ready for us. Like others i dont have to worry about who would babysit, cook or shop. These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to get babysitters. Even if u get one, they seldom stay long. Despite, there are laws and self-proclaimed NGOs who might drag one to the court for child labour even if the babysitter is a poor orphaned girl from the border towns or a distant relative from the village.
A relative of mine finally got a babysitter after much negotiation. A flirty one indeed! During daytime, she would put the kid to sleep, with tactics best known to herself, while she flirted around with policemen patrolling Jungshina area! Quite an art. A year laters, she bid goodbye to Thimphu with a four-month old foetus in her womb! I have seen varities of babysitters in houses where both the parents work. Some have cajoled their ageing parents in the villages to come out to the towns and look after their grandchildren, some even employ handicapped and hearing-impaired oldies to nurse their babies.
So, i turn to my friend who is drunk as a sponge by then and wisper in his ears,"Marry a woman who is not working!". He didnt hear it but i guess i did my part.
Today i was teaching about body-building foods in class V-science. I asked if they could name few examples. They replied in a typical chorus all the foods their head could recount. Most of them shouted "meat". "Do you all eat meat?". "Yes sir!", they responded like the armies in the Fifth battalion! I said it is very good to eat meat since it builds up our body although i would have fainted without answer if anyone asked me how. I have run out of words countless times when these unassuming kids asked me "Sir,Gachi bey?". Just then Yeshi, a good girl stood up and declared she doestnt eat meat! There was a hushed silence. Hmmm..i managed to ask her why. "My parents say it is sinful to eat meat", she replied with all her innocence. In that case, i advised her to take plenty of dhal, beans,peas,cabbages,tomatoes,asparagus,blah blah....It was my turn by then to confuse her. He he he. She nodded her head with saintly acceptance. Just to reaffirm my students, i said i like meat."I salivate even when i see a live pig!". They cringed thier faces and let out loud "Khaiiiii", out of disgust. The bell rang right on time. I excused myself and went into class 6. I teach maths in that class. I tell them that Maths can make nice combination with a stick, but that is a different story..
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