Thursday, October 13, 2011

Royal Weddings!

I was suppose to ferry my family to Trongsa since the sacred relics of Lord Buddha and his two disciples(Sariputta and Moggallann) reportedly arrived at Trongsa yesterday. However, i had to postpone it as i thought the fuel in my car wont suffice 90km distance from my station. "We will go tomorrow", i declared to my wife and kids about this sudden change in our schedule."Today there would be uwie...ldy crowd since it is the first day at Trongsa",i quipped in with my wisdom to defend my decision. They were disheartened. It is always difficult to exhibit humane traits in crowds. There were times when Choden had complained of rowdy jostling while queing up for "Waang" in Tshechus while i would console her not to mind. In a Bhutanese culture it is all the more, fun to rush up or may be grind up some fragile lady right in front of you! There is no room to show your tantrums during such heightened chaos. "No worry", she might tell you helplessly even if you delibrately increase your tactile faculty on her body whilst you stimulate all your cutaneous senses, and that too in a religious congregation! So i reason with my daughter that it is quite dangerous to be in a crowd and one must aviod it.
Yesterday, it was another historic day for our Nation as you might have seen. Teachers and students had all gathered in the assembly ground for a prayer session. I guess we said the first well-wishing prayers to our Royal Couple at 7 am yesterday. After that there were about three dances by the school cultural group. I took part in the Tashi labey followed by suja-desi around 8.30 am. There were some dozen foreigners who stopped by our school to watch the program too. We offered them the SUja-desi too. As i gulped down more suja i presumed that they might have thought how passionate Bhutanese were into salted water! Back home, i replenished my pledge to my wife that she would be in safe hands so long i was alive! Both of us were glued in front of the TV watching the live program from the BBS. I thought Ashi Jetsun might break down with nervousness in that lengthy Tashi nga soel while k4 and k5 looked as majestic as the Everest. I admired the blissful aura that His Holiness the Jekhenpo carried out the ceremonial rites for the Couple. If i were in his seat, i would have uttered "Now, you may kiss the bride!" after that ceremony! The lunchtime was far off so i called on my family to serve our lunch before they had. I had specially bought a kg of dried fish to celebrate in my own ways! I tell you honestly, it is hard to get fresh meat in Chumey not that i am a miser. Haha. I had thought of fresh local cheese to add on to our delicacy but again, cheese is hard to come by. Despite, i had learnt a lesson from Madam Reshmi(from kerala) who famously told me that local cheese tasted like rubber! She said she preferred amul cheese to go on chewing that rubber-like Datsi. Overcome by her observation, i thought myself to reduce my indulgence into those terpenoids! In chemistry, rubber fits into that category.
Only after did the two students from Chumey finish performing their dances than did i call it a day.

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