Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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I actually wished to come out with Doma-Paani once again this week too but i have more pressing topics than that. I cudnt just let go away momentous celebrations that i had in my school.
I marched to my school more dignified and cheerful than the newly-wed Prince Williams. Moreover,I had cut my scanty hair yesterday to put up a tidier look though it exposed more of my receeding hairlines than any...thing else.
The students have put up lots of banners and posters around the School campus-all of them wishing Happy Teachers' Day! During morning assembly, there was Khatta session(Khadar?) whereby each one of the teachers was awarded ceremonial white scarf by the students. How beautiful it is! I got one, wrapped baostfully around my neck till the whole program in the school was over. After that, we were announced that there were more activities that students have painstakingly come out. They said "simple lunch" wud be also served during the course of the day. Simple is ok! Dawa and me havent had much of the luck in the culinary specialities this time over since her mother hadnt still come back. Yum iyum!
In the MP hall, students have decorated with balloons and posters too. One side of the wall had all the articles about teachers..teachers are our light, teachers are our second parents,teachers are the greatest assest, blah blah...though i managed to put up warm full scale smile, reading all those articles over and again. And again! Ha ha. I admire myself that i can put to shame most of the Indian politicians at pretension if i ever got an opportunity! Each of the class had a dance each to stage up while in between few solo singers screaming more menacingly than ever. At item number 14, there was a teachers dance to which i joined wholeheartedly. It had been quite a time since i gave my last clumsy steps dancing to dzongkha songs but this time i was more lucky that i cud atleast pretend(again??) making all unrestricted movements with my lip that it looked i knew the song almost. Who says science teachers cant sing old folk songs?!
Luch was served at around 2pm only. I thankd myself for having survived longer without cereals in my stomach.(It is easier with Dawa, i bribe him with few bucks whenever i cant help prepare myself rice and curry). After lunch it continued again..
Well at this time, they are having jam-session in the same hall. I excused myself for orthopedic reasons! Cud be because age is catching up more really than i have thought over. Often i have felt whole of my bones creaking up whilst i tried to go Hip-hop at the parties. Otherwise i cud give a lengthy lap dance after few gulps of beers! But not with students..he he he.
Sssshh..did u hear that? Osama is killed??..be right back fellas..! cheerios.
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