Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ahoy teachers, i am back with my sweet nothings!:) It has been more than a forthnight since i last wrote in here.Not that i have special happenings in Chumey but because of genuine yearning for budding jingoism in my devil's mind. That is not so important anyway.
Well, we have solemnly begun with our much-awaited midterm exams so that all goes well before our local government elections. As an assi...stant to the Exam Secretary in my school, i had warmly wished all the students good luck during the morning assembly. I told them with a saintly seriousness that examination is a sacred ordeal hinting at malignant malpractices that might crop up." Foul means are considered to be a serious crime and are punishable", i had said.Infact, unfair means in general, even in a small endeavour is morally wrong if not, grossly improper in us, the finest of the animal species. Humans are blessed with enormous faculty of doing wat is right and discarding wat is comparatively wrong. But students have to be reminded time and again. I have always grown up with a special assumption that exams are truly good for all of us. I rember how traumatic it was especially during exams.
Couple of days before our exams, we had formally begun with ground breaking ceremony for our Jampelyang statue. We had an elaborate Rabney-Thrisur being conducted by some well-known folks in chumey. Few months from now, we would be having Jamyang statue(fully gold-plated) right in front of our assembly ground blessing us with infinite wisdom and reason. The school has in all simplicity employed one of the finest carpenters available in here while the Principal overlooks the process with personal pride and enthusiasm. I wonder at my own coldness for being unable to contribute anything towards it but well, we have a trustworthy principal guiding everything.
Once i had joked in a class about the need of my statue in chumey since i had been aging more profusely than others. One smart boy shouted with excitement,"It would be an easy job sir. Your statue wont need much sclupturing!". Ofcourse, ofcourse!! I mentally surveyed my bodily profile, a dent here and there, with bones showing its presence more than its functional requirement, surely i would pass for a museum specimen. In biology, we call it regressive evolution!
The other day i was in town buying vegetables for my wife. In Bumthang, it is difficult to get anything cheap. Being health-conscious, i went for bitter-gourd. "Is it fresh", i asked the vendor.Oh! he put all the freshness in his head into his vegetables and told me that i wont get more fresh vegetables in whole of
Bengal-Daurs than on his shelf! Undeterred, i asked him if his bitter-gourd are good enough. He smiled, i smiled. Back at home, i was wondering about the unit of goodness in bitter-gourd!During meal time, Dawa and Sera complained a lot about the curry.
Yesterday we were in the exam room teasing eachother about the male-macho. I bet it is difficult to beat Sir Sangay. He got lethal words in his mouth than anyone. I suggested him to join into politics since we need people who can speak. He thinks more Bhutanese people are waste than anything. He turned to Namgay sir(name changed)," this is one example of vestigial species!". He hinted at vetigial
male-organ in Namgay sir since he aint married at 35! He he.
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