Monday, October 17, 2011

The Baza-guru dungdrup at kurjee concluded two days before. Tens of hundreds of Bumthaps, mostly elderly citizens(myself included!) were involved reciting the holy mantra for infinite times. On the last day, i was just on time to receive the "wang" from the reknowned Tibetan Khenchen who presided over the said congregation. It seemed, for a lesser mortals like me, truly fulfilling to partake in it..., although i aint overtly religious. The infinitessimal buddhichita mind in me got so overwhelmed that i wouldnt budge an inch from kurjee without slipping a new hundred rupee note into the donation box that stood defiantly in one of the corners! I looked out for my wife supportively but she was too busy talking to her old aquaintance. Never mind.
The other day the teachers in my school took moral obligation to attend to the official investiture of the newly elected Gup of chumey Gewog. I havent seen more elaborate feast for sometime now than the one he had done, to all his voters. I confided in to a colleague that it was worth attending while i munched on my Shakam Paa and red rice. However, it is worth sharing that people have now matured at the thought that a good local government is the root of overall polity of our country. The extravaganza that those elected leaders sensitively indulge into is neatly indicative of the immense responsibility their office hold.
Come tomorrow, more than half the students from our school would be participating in the Intra-Dzongkhag sports Meet. The Dzongkhag authorities have deemed important to include dance competition this year(Zungdra, Boedra and Rigsar), which is worthy of appreciation. A troupe of 25 students from our school would try all their dancing talents late tomorrow evening.
On the coming Monday, the personnel from Aunty-Corruption notably the Aunty herself(!!) would grace our school. I tried to bribe some students from my class to ask query about why the DPT government shouldnt be tried for corruption. Most of them thought i was trying to propagate insanity in them too!! I just remembered one of my friends who had few months stunts nursing his mental disorder in a Psychaitric ward in one of the finest hospitals in Bangalore. He still recalls it with a wry smile,"i nearly died in that Indian slum!". What is more,on the
recovery-ground he said he was the topper, when he regained his normal-self in a record three months time! when he was discharged his roomies made quite a scene not letting him go away. He now runs his own shop and has recently fathered second child from a different lady.

Another friend of mine who drives a DCM(he left school at his 12th year--class III) took a load of potatoes to Phuntsholing as Bumthaps usually do. I thought he wudnot mind buying a badminton racket for my son. I called from my wife's cell since i didnt have balance in my own. Thrice i called, he didnt pick up his cell. I cursed him mentally. Later that evening, he sent an sms. It exactly read: who r u i dont know plez write u name n send sms!!
(i still have that text preserved in my mobile,, for friendship's sake).
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