Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being a Teacher...

It created a vulcanic furore nine years ago when i first announced to my loving family that i wanted to be a teacher.My mother made coy claims that i was more fit than any other finest humanbeings, as an army officer which made me rather sick, while my father as always thought his son was cut out for more lucrative job than being a tedious teacher. Only my younger sister who sti...ll slogged in a school thought i wud best make a good teacher. "Come to my School as a teacher",she suggested as if i wud be all fun for her!
A fine evening, few months later i had my beddings spread on my new bed in Samtse like a nervous student in his first school day. i called my fussy mom that night and i said i was glad to be there safely and added that i meet old frends just as to console so that she might not get the feeling that it was only i who went for teacher training centre! Oh,she went on how to take care and all, asked me not to go out too much, cause samtse cud easily land u with bouts of malaria and so on. That evening,i had my first shots of RockBee from a nearby bar and crept noisily into my bed. "Ah, this is life. I am a teacher now!" i solemnly thought .
Nine months later,i passed outta institute with a broken relationship with my chripy girlfrend and a weebit flirts with locals so abundant in Samtse,i thought i cud move mountains with my passion in teaching. Off i was bound to my present school with a small bedding , a pair of pots, few postcards that my sister sent me lovingly when i was in NIE, and a small chair that i surprisingly looted from my old institute!
16 years of schooling and nine months rigours at NIE, i am here...standing like a rock to teach my students..! oh fie!.....:))
sorry poeple...m drunk tonight!...cheers everybody!
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  1. wow wonderful experiences to be a teacher...all the best for your journey ahead.....:)