Thursday, October 13, 2011

I was bugged down again by another notorious dream yesterday. In that dream i had turned into a giant monster and was trying to kill my own daughter! I woke up with a start. I turned around and felt for my daughter and found that she was sleeping as sound as an Egyptian Mummy. Later in the morning as i fed her with her favorite breakfast(Tea and biscuit) on my lap, i cudnt hold back my nasty dream...."Bum, dari neylam na, nga ghi chhoe seew(kill) mey bah!", i told her gravely. Pat came the reply!"Nga ghi yang neylam na mummy seew mey bah!". "Sssshh..dont tell Mom", i advised her.
Two days ago, i succumbed to my wife's repeated nagging to go out into the forests and search edible mushroom since vegetables have become scarcer these days. I am a total failure when it comes to identifying fungi! I remember how miserably i flunked my taxonomy paper during my college days but i wont let her know that. Despite, i am rather embarrassed, to announce that the closet animal i wud resemble is the lazy male bee!
Well, I did more of shouting in the jungle just as to shoo away bears while she did all the picking. Bears, as she told me, usually abound in close proximity where mushrooms grow. "I wud take care of that", i assured her stupidly! "You better be alert," i suggested her, took a deep breath and let out another growl to warn the grisly beast of our arrival. Two hours maneuver; she had a plastic full of fresh mushrooms. That evening, we had a hearty mushroom delicacy.(At the back of my mind,the thought of mushroom poisoning lingered till i saw the sun the following day!)
Yesterday, we had another Co-ordination meeting. We talked about the Open Football Tournament which ended last week. The School team bagged the runners up trophy, the first of its kind since the inception of the tournament. The second agenda was about the imminent visit by the royal couple. It is romoured that by the first week of September the King and the would-be Queen wud visit Chumey for a preliminary round. We agreed to tidy our school and harness necessary Chadri items that wud befit our Royal Weeding(Oops, Wedding it is!).
Later that evening i called up my sister and broke that news. She hinted about her desire to attend the "Tokha" that is romoured to be given by His Majesty the King to the people of Chumey valley. I said it was exclusively for the villagers but i said i wud love to have her if she really wanted to come. I knew she wont come anyways. A fine sister she is! Thrifty as a miser, she wud always advise me about how to save money. She talked about two Millenium Schemes that she registered for her children from RICB. She got her life insured and her hubby's as well! I once kidded her that she wud surpass Shylock(Of Hamlet fame) and put all the Arabain traders to shame when it comes to saving money. She treads on a finely balanced route between managing conflict and cooperation, between nursing children and her bossy hubby, between running household chores and running her own small handicraft business. The first thing she suggested me when i bought my car was all about Insurance. Recently, she suggested another scheme that RICB comes with. "Pho-Mo" Scheme! I thanked her that i was doing fine with my life and didnt see any uncertainty with my marriage. "You cud save lacs when u and Choden(my wife) grow old", she blurted out. I said i wud think over that and politely hung up the cell.

.i wont write more..hope u guys have good!
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